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I am a professional software developer and architect based in Hong Kong. I currently work in the financial services sector in the exciting domain of risk management. I specialize in designing large scale systems for risk measurement and have a reasonably good understanding of risk modelling techniques.

Off work, I love to read. I mainly prefer non-fiction books and can pick up one on almost any subject provided the writing is clear. I have a recommended reading list in case you are interested. Just follow the link in the navigation menu on the top.

Professional Interests

  • Enterprise application development and systems/API design
  • Quantitative risk modelling and model verification


Bachelor of Technology, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi - 2007
  • Major: Engineering Physics
  • Minor: Computer Science and Engineering


My Reading List

Computing and Software Engineering

  • Introduction to Automata Theory, Languages, and Computation: John Hopcroft, Jeffrey Ullman
  • Programming Pearls: Jon Bentley
  • Enterprise Integration Patterns: Gregor Hohpe, Bobby Woolf
  • The Pragmatic Programmer: Andy Hunt, David Thomas
  • Effective Java: Joshua Bloch

Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics

  • Linear Algebra: Kenneth M Hoffman, Ray Kunze
  • Introduction to Stochastic Processes: Gregory Lawler
  • Introduction to Electrodynamics: David Griffiths
  • Classical Mechanics: Herbert Goldstein, Charles Poole, John Safko
  • Quantum Mechanics: Ramamurti Shankar
  • Spacetime and Geometry: Sean Carroll
  • Organic Chemistry: Francis A. Carey

History, Law, and Politics

  • Introduction to the Hong Kong Basic Law: Danny Gittings
  • The Great War For Civilization: Robert Fisk
  • Byzantium: Judith Herrin
  • Justice: Michael J. Sandel
  • Thinking Like A Lawyer: Frederick Schauer
  • Europe's Tragedy - A New History Of The Thirty Years War: Peter H. Wilson

Finance and Financial Mathematics

  • Options, Futures, and Other Derivatives: John Hull
  • Option Pricing and Volatility: Sheldon Natenberg
  • Fixed Income Analysis: Frank Fabozzi
  • Value At Risk: Philippe Jorion
  • The Volatility Surface: Jim Gatheral
  • Stochastic Calculus for Finance II: Steven Shreve

Note Maker


There are a lot of professional editing and note taking tools/apps available on the internet. Many of them are free and solve quite a lot of use cases. However, I had a different problem that I felt none of these tools could solve.

I wanted to take notes that usually involve mathematics easily from anywhere. I cannot compile LaTeX on my mobile device and I cannot type freely in full LaTeX easily anyway. Some professional editing tools cost a lot and I would have used only a fraction of their capabilities for the full price.

So I decided to write my own note maker. It follows a simple Markdown syntax and supports a TeX like notation for inline mathematics.


  • Simple Markdown syntax to get basic text formatting and link embedding (powered by markdown-js).
  • In-browser support for beautiful Mathematics (powered by MathJax) using basic TeX syntax.
  • WYSIWYG editor.


You can see the notes I make using my note maker here. Although you will not be allowed to make changes to the notes, you can see the editor in action by clicking the "Edit" button.

How to get your own note maker?

My note maker is easy to deploy on a server that supports PHP. It is available under the MIT License on GitHub.